The VDAT e.V., formerly Verband Deutscher Automobil Tuner, was founded in 1987. The former board then consisted of the persons:
Bodo Buschmann (Brabus), Michael Lauer (AC Schnitzer), Harald Trauschweitzer (TVR) and Errol Kordick (Kordick Design)
The reason for this was the endeavor of the TÜV to convince the regulators that converted vehicles should be presented for a general inspection (PTI) every year. This request was successfully averted - the beginning of successful association work.

In 2008, the VDAT merged with the other tuning association active in Germany, the VATZ - Verband Automobiltuning und Zubehör to become the Verband der Automobil Tuner e.V., From this point on, European and international companies were also able to join the association. The day-to-day business of the "new" VDAT is managed by a full-time managing director.

The VDAT joins the European Association ETO (founded in 2006), co founded by the VATZ, and since then has provided the Vice-President. The ETO organizes both European and international tuning associations amongst its members www.e-t-o.org.

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